Spring Flower 春花望露 (TIF)

Spring Flower 春花望露 (TIF) - EP1

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 22 May 2018 Audio: Chinese

Tiangui and Tianzhu join the temple procession for the grand opening of the Xiluo Bridge. Midway through the celebration, Tiangui is informed that his son, Youtu, has fallen into a stream. It turns out that Youtu has accidentally fell into the stream when he tries to collect a watermelon for sale. 添贵和天助在西螺大桥通车当天代表庙会去抬轿,添贵却突然接获通知指他的儿子有土落水了。原来,有土为了赚钱帮添贵还田租,本来打算捡西瓜去卖,却不小心跌入溪里。

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Spring Flower 春花望露 (TIF)
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