Star Avenue

Star Avenue - EP11

43 Mins

By Channel U Published: 01 Dec 2017 Audio: Chinese

After failing to turn up for the Press Conference of a blockbuster series , actress Jojo Lee is replaced by Fong Xing Yue , also from the same company . To make matter worse , Xing Yue has fallen for popular actor Wang Le Tian who is in relationship with Jojo . 当红女星Jojo与其地下情的男演员发生情变,随着她一连串绯闻和身世背景被揭发,引起了娱乐圈一片哗然……新人辛悦误打误撞代替Jojo成为了台庆剧的女主角。幕后制作公司和经理人之间明争暗斗,表面风光无限的娱乐圈背后原来黑幕重重,演员们也走过了起落无常的星光大道。

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