Story of Yanxi Palace 延禧攻略

Story of Yanxi Palace 延禧攻略 - EP4

45 Min

By Channel U Published: 13 Mar 2019 Audio: Chinese

Empress Fuca has been overcome by sadness since her son passed away three years ago. Fuca Fuheng urges his sister to pick herself up to face the threat from the ambitious Noble Consort Gao and her family. 自从其子在三年前不幸夭折,富察皇后即终日以泪洗面,沉溺于哀伤之中。富察富恒劝勉姐姐要走出哀伤,振作起来,以抗衡野心勃勃的高贵妃和她的家族。

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