Strangers At Home

Strangers At Home - EP5

44 Mins

By Channel U Published: 02 Oct 2017 Audio: Chinese

This week , we explore those with Southeast Asian roots in Taiwan . Since the arrival of the Burmese Chinese in the 1950s , and the influx of Southeast Asian labourers in the 1990s , interracial marriages have flourished . Yet , they remain viewed as "foreigners" . How have they tried to assimilate ? 最先来到台湾的东南亚群体,是50年代移居台湾的缅甸华人。在90年代,台湾人开始大量雇用东南亚劳工和帮佣,同时台湾男性娶东南亚配偶的人数也越来越多。自此,东南亚群体便在台湾落脚、生根。虽然近年来政府投注大量资源援助新住民和二代适应社会,但内心深处,台湾社会对于这些所谓的“新台湾人”,总是怀着抗拒的心态。即使在台湾生活了许多年,这些新住民二代混血儿、外籍配偶、缅甸华人,还是被贴上了“外来的”标签。为了融入主流社会,他们付出多少努力?

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