Strangers At Home

Strangers At Home - EP6

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 09 Oct 2017 Audio: Chinese

The Philippines has the biggest Japanese community in Southeast Asia , with many arriving in the early 19th century . They bore the wrath of the locals after WWII , though this has dissipated through the years . Still , many have mixed feelings on their identity . Where do they truly belong ? 19世纪初日本劳工的涌入,促使菲律宾达沃的麻蕉出口蓬勃发展,并成功蜕变成菲律宾最早现代化的城市之一。而菲律宾也是东南亚住有最多日本人的国家。多年以来,许多生活在菲律宾的日本后裔总是面对一种矛盾,他们是日本人,而菲律宾却是他们成长的地方,他们该如何自处?何去何从?上一代日本后裔背负着战争的枷锁,饱受主流社会的仇视,而新一代的日本后裔虽然没有了战争的包袱,却仍然必须在破碎的家庭中成长。这一集节目探讨生活在菲律宾的日本后裔的故事。

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