Swap Kerja S3

Swap Kerja S3 - EP2

43 Min

By Suria Published: 08 Jul 2019 Audio: Malay

Firefighters are modern day heroes for each emergency call means risking their lives for the safety of the people they promise to protect. What can a Singaporean firefighter learn from his experience as he joins a firefighter volunteer group in the Philippines which operates with 2nd hand fire suits and barely no safety equipment ? Dalam dunia moden ini, ahli bomba adalah antara wira yang sentiasa bersedia mempertaruhkan nyawa dan keselamatan mereka sendiri demi orang lain. Apakah yang ahli bomba dari Singapura dapat pelajari setelah menyertai sekumpulan sukarelawan dari Filipina ?

Swap Kerja S3
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