Sweet Home, Sweet Honey 我们家的蜜罐子 (Dual Sound)

Sweet Home, Sweet Honey 我们家的蜜罐子 (Dual Sound) - EP18

47 Mins

By Channel U Published: 13 Apr 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

A blogger orders a special meal, but she is only interested in taking photos of the food and attempts to leave without eating or paying, therefore wasting the chefs' efforts. Wu Chun tells the blogger off. The displeased blogger orders Wu Chun to go down on her knees and apologise to her. 一名部落客在丰吉堂预定特别料理,到场后只拍照,不吃,浪费厨师们的一番苦心,过后甚至还不肯付钱。吴春坦白地数落部落客的不是,结果被部落客斥责,要吴春下跪道歉。吴春为了泰浩和丰吉堂着想,硬着头皮下跪。

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