Sweet Home, Sweet Honey 我们家的蜜罐子 (Dual Sound)

Sweet Home, Sweet Honey 我们家的蜜罐子 (Dual Sound) - EP51

45 Mins

By Channel U Published: 08 May 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Wu Chun helps out at a Korean restaurant every day in the hope of clinching a deal for Pung Gil Dang. Kim, a famous golfer arrives at the restaurant. Wu Chun impresses him with her recommendation of Korean traditional wine, but Kim develops an allergy reaction soon after the meal. 吴春为了帮丰吉堂谈成生意,天天到韩式餐厅帮忙。著名的高尔夫选手金雄浩刚好到餐厅用餐,对老板准备的进口酒和肉感到失望。吴春诚恳地为金选手介绍传统酒,令金选手很满意。不料,金选手却在用餐不久后出现过敏反应。

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