Sweet Home, Sweet Honey 我们家的蜜罐子 (Dual Sound)

Sweet Home, Sweet Honey 我们家的蜜罐子 (Dual Sound) - EP52

48 Mins

By Channel U Published: 08 May 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Wu Chun realises that Yalan has recovered, but continues to pretend to be unable to speak. The man who was in cahoots with Jixiu years ago threatens to tell Wu Chun the truth behind her abandonment. Jixiu sends Wu Chun on an assignment away from the company. Wu Chun loses her way in the mountains. 吴春发现雅兰其实已经痊愈了,却欺骗大家她仍不能说话。雅兰沉浸在众人的关爱中,不愿意向大家坦白。当年从吉秀手中接过菊熙的酿酒秘方的男士声称要将事实告诉吴春。吉秀为了引开吴春,故意派她到偏僻的山上取山泉水。吴春迷路。

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