Sweet Home, Sweet Honey 我们家的蜜罐子 (Dual Sound)

Sweet Home, Sweet Honey 我们家的蜜罐子 (Dual Sound) - EP55

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 10 May 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Peida brings Qishan out for New Year's visiting, but rushes off when he receives a tip - off of a cheat's whereabouts. Qishan walks to a police station when she cannot find Peida. Zhengmei scolds Peida for making use of Qishan to collect red packets and then leaving her behind in a convenience stall.培达带绮姗去拜年时突然接到朋友的电话然后匆忙地去找之前骗走他的钱的人。绮姗找不到培达,自己走到警察局去。正美气培达带着绮姗去骗压岁钱,还把她弄丢,与培达大吵一架。

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