Sweet Home, Sweet Honey 我们家的蜜罐子 (Dual Sound)

Sweet Home, Sweet Honey 我们家的蜜罐子 (Dual Sound) - EP98

Finale 大结局
47 Mins

By Channel U Published: 08 Jun 2018 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Zhengji and Juxi celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary with an outdoor trip with the whole family. Juxi loses consciousness on the way home and is sent to the hospital immediately. Jixiu volunteers to donate part of his liver to Juxi immediately, but Juxi is too weak to undergo a surgery.正基和菊熙结婚30周年,众人建议全家人一起到郊外旅行庆祝。回程时,菊熙突然失去意识,被家人紧急送院求医。吉秀听说菊熙情况危急,跟医生说他可以立刻捐肝给菊熙,但菊熙太衰弱,不能动手术。

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