Taste From Home 幸福乡味

Taste From Home 幸福乡味 - EP12

46 Min

By Channel U Published: 27 Sep 2018 Audio: Chinese

Host Joanna Dong travels to Jordan to visit Singaporean Wei Hui, a social worker helping refugees in the middle east. Wei Hui misses her grandma's Peranakan cuisines such as Itek Tim (salted vegetable duck soup) and Ngoh Hiang (pork roll in bean curd wrap). Can they recreate grandma's signature dishes together ? 主持人董姿彦远赴约旦,拜访从事难民工作的社工王伟慧。伟慧离家十年,十分怀念奶奶的娘惹佳肴如咸菜鸭汤和五香肉卷。董姿彦除了把部分食材带过去,也得在当地市场寻找材料。董姿彦和伟慧能否一起重现奶奶的美味呢?

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