Taste From Home 幸福乡味

Taste From Home 幸福乡味 - EP4

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 02 Aug 2018 Audio: Chinese

Renee How was an architecture graduate but chose to work as a social worker in Kazakhstan instead. Pursuing her passion has enriched her life but not being able to care more for her aging parents has left a void in her heart. Joanna Dong pays Renee a visit and whips up two of her favourite home dishes. 建筑师工资高、前景好,陶乐妮却宁愿舍弃优差,到哈萨克斯坦替单亲妈妈找工作。社工生涯丰富她的人生,她母亲却始终无法认同;随着父母年纪越长,乐妮对家人的愧疚越大,见到新加坡带过去的马来糕点,更是激动不已。

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