Taste From Home 幸福乡味

Taste From Home 幸福乡味 - EP5

46 Mins

By Channel U Published: 09 Aug 2018 Audio: Chinese

This week, "Taste from Home" brings presenter Michelle Chia to Kolkata, India. She meets up with social entrepreneur Josephine Tan to bring her a blast from the past - a popiah made from her grandmother's special recipe. Will Michelle be able to recreate this dish that means so much to Josephine ? 谢韵仪这一集来到印度,探访在加尔各答从事社会企业工作的新加坡人陈凤珠。49岁的陈凤珠自从外婆逝世后就再也没尝到外婆拿手的福建薄饼。谢韵仪能否成功炮制这看似简单,步骤却繁琐和考功夫的薄饼呢?

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