Taste of Nanyang 翻乡找味

Taste of Nanyang 翻乡找味 - EP2

Chestnut Chicken 栗子鸡
46 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 11 Jul 2018 Audio: Chinese

The hosts of "Taste of Nanyang" will lead four contestants from different clan to participate in the program. This episode focuses on the culture and cuisine of Hokkien. The celebrity chef will demonstrate a dish "Chestnut Chicken". Contestants must answer four questions in exchange for the required ingredients. Then they reproduce the dish on the spot. The winners will proceed to the semi-final to continue the challenge. 《翻乡找味》的主持人,将连同四位来自会馆的代表,带领大家寻根作乐。这一集重点介绍福建的庙宇文化、被遗忘的提线木偶和福建习俗加美食。名厨Chef Eric将示范《栗子鸡》的做法,参赛者必须回答四道问题,以便换取所需的食材,随后现场立即作出该道菜,最后成功虏获名厨味蕾的参赛者,晋级到半决赛,继续接受挑战。

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