The Convict 法网

The Convict 法网 - EP7

23 Mins
Some Violence 些许暴力画面;

By Channel 8 Published: 12 Feb 2018 Audio: Chinese

Mdm Bae Yu Qing, 42 - year - old living with the husband, son, mother and her elder sister. Her sister Yu Lan 44 - year - old hired a Myanmar domestic helper Dai Ti 26 - year - old. Her 75 - year - old mother with mild schizophrenia accused that Dai Ti wanted to harm her and started to treat Dai Ti badly. The two sisters did not prevent the abuses instead adding to it, they too abused Dai Ti. One day Dai Ti tried to escape and fell from 1st floor, broken her legs, eventually she was helped by two other domestic helper and was sent to welfare centre. Eventually the sisters and mother were arrested and prosecuted.42岁的白玉清与丈夫、儿子、母亲和姐姐同住。44岁的姐姐玉兰雇用了缅甸籍华裔女佣林带弟(26)。一开始相安无事,后来两姐妹的母亲,75岁的张亚娟,以患有精神分裂为理由,认为女佣要伤害自己,而开始对女佣施虐。两姐妹获知后,非但没有制止母亲,反而联同母亲一起虐待可怜的女佣。女佣在忍无可忍之下,从六楼的窗户跳下,摔在五楼的屋顶上,双脚骨折。然而,在经过审讯之后,白玉清竟然被判无罪,获当庭释放。检控官不满判决,提出上诉,誓言要还受害的外籍女佣一个公道。

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