The Distance Between 下个路口遇见你

The Distance Between 下个路口遇见你 - EP12

30 Min
Some Violence 些许暴力画面;

By Toggle Video Published: 09 Nov 2018 Audio: Chinese

Amos brings Coco to the Movie World. Taking the opportunity when Amos walked away, Warren takes the opportunity to drag Coco to ride on the roller coaster as a form of self-punishment. Warren apologizes to Coco, who admits that she found the butterfly pendant by accident. Coco tells Warren about Calvin as well as how her real name, Vanessa, essentially means butterfly. Amos unintentionally hears the story and is shocked by the truth. On the following day, Coco returns the butterfly pendant to Warren as she realizes how precious it is to him. Warren asks her if she has any intentions to ask Amos about Calvin’s death, to which she let on about how guilty she feels towards Amos. The two of them return to the hotel, but realize that Amos has left… Amos带Coco到Movie World,Warren趁Amos走开时,拉Coco 去坐最高的过山车自我惩罚,向她道歉。Coco对Warren坦白蝴蝶链坠是她捡到的,说起哥哥Calvin和自己的真名Vanessa是蝴蝶的意思,Amos无意听到,恍然大悟。Coco次日把蝴蝶牌还给Warren,Warren却要送给Coco,但Coco得知它的珍贵不肯收。Warren试探Coco有无追问Amos有关Calvin的死?Coco才说出自己的内疚。二人回到旅店,吃惊Amos留字离开了。

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