The Distance Between 下个路口遇见你

The Distance Between 下个路口遇见你 - EP3

25 Min
Some Violence 些许暴力画面;

By Toggle Video Published: 11 Oct 2018 Audio: Chinese

Amos and Coco embark on the journey together. The first location is the lobster shack where Amos is told to report for work the very next day. However, as Amos has never worked for others before, he becomes frantic and brings Coco to the sand dunes to destress. Unfortunately, he drops his phone, which is later picked up by Warren, who then informs the mysterious Big Boss. Amos and Coco return to find the phone but end up getting lost. Coco becomes dehydrated and faints as a result. As she loses consciousness, a suspicious man approaches… Amos和Coco开始了他们的旅程,第一个地址是个龙虾厂,对方要他第二天来工作。从来没工作过的Amos感到压力很大,带了Coco到沙丘滑沙减压,结果手机掉在那里。一直跟踪他们的Warren收起了Amos的手机,通知神秘人BigBoss。Amos和Coco发现不见了手机,折回去找,但二人却走失。 害怕虚脱的Coco不支晕倒。这时,一个男人慢慢步向她,是一脸阴森的Warren。。。

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