The Entertainer 戏子 (Dual Sound)

The Entertainer 戏子 (Dual Sound) - EP10

45 Mins
Some Sexual References 些许性相关语;

By Channel U Published: 03 Feb 2019 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Xihao, Minzhu, Gelin and Wanzhi hold a meeting to discuss how to promote the band to gain more attention. Kaier accidentally drops a stack of name cards on the floor when he goes for his temp job. Hena then discovers that Kaier is working as a substitute driver. 锡浩、敏珠、格林和万植开会讨论如何帮乐团做宣传以吸引更多人注意。凯尔出去打临时工时不慎掉了一叠名片在地上,河那才知凯尔在做代理驾驶的工作。

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