The Entertainer 戏子 (Dual Sound)

The Entertainer 戏子 (Dual Sound) - EP12

45 Mins

By Channel U Published: 09 Feb 2019 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Xihao tries to persuade Zaixun's parent to let Zaixun return to the band but in vain. Gelin, as the band's manager, actively seeks opportunities for the band's songs to be played. Haoxi praises Gelin after he finds out about it and Gelin feels very happy. Hena feels sorry when he sees Gelin worn out in front of the computer looking for performance opportunities for their band. 锡浩尝试说服在勋的父母让在勋回到乐团,但却事与愿违。格林身为经纪人主动争取机会帮乐团播放歌曲,锡浩知道后称赞她,让她感到十分高兴。河那见格林为了帮他们的乐团找活动演出的机会而累倒在电脑前,感到有点心痛。

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