The Entertainer 戏子 (Dual Sound)

The Entertainer 戏子 (Dual Sound) - EP13

45 Mins

By Channel U Published: 10 Feb 2019 Audio: Chinese;Korean

Haoxi wants to clear Hena's name. He looks for Zhiying at KTOP and asks her to speak the truth but Zhiying refuses. Gelin helps the band to get its first commercial performance. However, the members arrive at the place only to find out that it is actually a seniors' event. Gelin feels guilty but luckily the performance turns out well. This wins more fans for the band on the internet and the effort does not go wasted. 锡浩为帮助河那找回清白,到KTOP找智英要她说出案件真相,但智英不肯。格林帮乐团拿到第一个商演,但成员到达表演场地后才发现所谓的商演竟然是敬老活动,格林很内疚。幸好演出成功,为乐团在网络赢得更多歌迷,总算没白费功夫。

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