The Entertainer 戏子 (Dual Sound)

The Entertainer 戏子 (Dual Sound) - EP9

45 Mins

By Channel U Published: 03 Feb 2019 Audio: Chinese;Korean

KTOP CEO Junshuo is peeved that the TV station blocked the artistes of his company from the TV shows but lets Xihao's band perform in the TV shows. He schemes to hinder Xihao and his band from pursuing their dream. He decides to frame Xihao and destroy Xihao and his band's future. 由于KTOP代表俊硕不服电视台封杀他公司旗下的艺人上节目, 却让锡浩的乐团上节目表演,于是计划阻止锡浩和他的乐团继续追寻梦想。他决定要陷害锡浩,要毁掉锡浩的前途和乐团。

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