The Flame's Daughter

The Flame's Daughter - EP43

45 Min
Some Violence 些许暴力画面

By Channel 8 Published: 09 Oct 2019 Audio: Chinese

Swordless City is defeated. Liexiang decides to take over the reins and make amendments for the wrongdoings committed by her brothers previously. Zhanfeng and Ruge update the other sects about the series of events and restore innocence for the Duan Lei Sect. 无刀城就此一蹶不振,刀冽香决定接掌大权行侠仗义以弥补哥哥们的过失。如歌与战枫向武林同道讲解事情经过,为断雷庄一事成功翻案。

The Flame's Daughter
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