The Food Detectives vs. Diabetes

The Food Detectives vs. Diabetes - EP5

23 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 14 Nov 2017 Audio: English

So can Diabetes be cured ? How is the disease best monitored and managed and what does the future hold ? Nikki investigates the Diabetes Risk Assessment Tool . This ground breaking new tool will help Singaporeans aged 18 - 39 assess their risk for as yet undiagnosed diabetes . Again in true Food Detectives style , Nikki tries out the DRA tool and asks our expert , can we take steps to prevent diabetes ? Is there a cure ? We conclude our Food Detectives vs Diabetes special series with sound advice on food that Diabetics can and should include in their diet . Our Nutritionist explains good foods verses bad and presents a range of healthy and delicious meals and snacks that are especially good for people with Diabetes .

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