The Guardians 守护者

The Guardians 守护者 - EP5

South Korea 韩国
44 Min

By Channel U Published: 09 May 2019 Audio: Chinese

Many North Koreans have fled their country and begun a new life in South Korea with a pastor's help. Abandoned babies left in a "Baby Box" have also been rescued and raised by a caregiver. Less privileged children in South Korea have also found new lives in foster homes. 繁华的南韩是很多朝鲜人向往的地方,而有一个守护者给予这群脱北者安顿援助。因为南韩的弃婴现象,有一个牧师用“弃婴箱”守护被唾弃的生命。另一群社会弱势的孩童,所幸能在充满爱的“集体之家”健康成长。

The Guardians 守护者
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