The Guardians 守护者

The Guardians 守护者 - EP6

Beijing, China 北京, 中国
44 Min

By Channel U Published: 16 May 2019 Audio: Chinese

China has a high percentage of visually-impaired people. For the blind, to be robbed of their vision and life opportunities is a tragedy. The guardians not only tend to the needs of the visually-impaired, they also help in their integration into society. 中国是世界上第一人口大国,视障的人数庞大。对盲人而言,因为没有视力而被剥夺了生命当中选择的权利是最大的不幸。因此守护者所要守护的不仅是视障人士的生活需求,更是他们融入社会的希望。

The Guardians 守护者
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