The Journey: Our Homeland 我们的家园

The Journey: Our Homeland 我们的家园 - EP1

46 Mins
Some Violence 些许暴力;

By Toggle Video Published: 29 Sep 2015 Audio: Chinese

It is the end of 1966 . Hu Jia goes to the temple to seek the deity’s permission to change his surname back to Zhang . Unwittingly , he is caught in the confrontation between the villagers of Wanxing Village and Wanshou Village . A fight is about to break out . Nonetheless , the owner of New Phoenix Troupe tells his artistes that their opera must go on . Zhang Jia subdues Jingui and hands the statue of the deity to Xiaoxiong . Meixue , who is a nurse , rushes to inform the opera troupe owner that her mother , Lihua , cannot perform . The troupe owner tells her to stand in for her mother . In the midst of the fight between Jingui and Xiaoxiong , Spareribs is seriously injured . The fight extends to the stage , and the pregnant Liu Qing collapses . Meixue rushes her to the hospital . Zhang Jia is on his way home to give Minghui her surprise birthday gift when Meixue asks him for help . He is incensed when the gift is crushed under the trishaw . At KK Hospital , the pregnant Minghui is very busy . Liu Qing gives birth to a daughter , but takes away the Wus’ baby boy . Minghui sees the birthmark on the baby girl and deduces that it was Liu Qing who stole the boy , as her husband , Xiao , had threatened to divorce her if she produced another girl . Wanshan teaches Zicong and Fangfang how to cheat others . Minghui and Meixue are conned of their money when they try to go after Liu Qing . Zhang Min takes her sons , Hong Kuan and Hong Rui , out to get a birthday cake for Minghui . She angers Xiao when she foils his attempt to sell his daughter , Daidi . Creditors have taken away his baby son , and Xiao is desperate for money to redeem him . Hong Kuan witnesses Qitai stabbing Bing , but Zhang Min mistakenly assumes Xiaoxiong is the culprit . A commotion is stirred up , and Hong Kuan and Hong Rui are almost crushed by a falling shelf .

The Journey: Our Homeland 我们的家园
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