The Lead 第一主角 (TIF) - EP1

46 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 15 May 2017 Audio: Chinese

Growing up in the same kampong, Zhen, Guanghui, Anya and Deping are avid TV fans. Guanghui climbs up the roof to fix the television antenna. He misses a step and falls. Luckily, Xiaohu, Zhen’s father, catches hold of him. For that, Guanghui is scolded by his grandmother, Yahua. Xiaohu is a director of action series with the TV station. He needs many extras for an upcoming blockbuster, so he ropes Yahua and the children in to help. Everyone is excited. Zhen is nowhere to be found after filming wraps up. She is locked up in the restroom with Xiangrong, her idol. Xiangrong shares why she became an actress, and Zhen is inspired. The children are grown up. Finally, they can pursue their dreams of becoming actors and actresses. Together, they arrange to register for an acting class, but Guanghui goes missing. He gives many excuses for not wanting to sign up, but his friends tell him they will not go without him. Touched, he gives in. On the first day of their lessons, they go for supper after class. Guanghui leaves early. In the darkness, he tries to hide from the police.

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