The Lead 第一主角 (TIF) - EP1

46 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 15 May 2017 Audio: Chinese

80s Kids Ah Zhen, Guang Hui, An Ya, and De Ping grew up watching TV in a kampong together. A big production requires many calafares so Ah Zhen's father, who works as a stuntman at a broadcast station, brought the 4 kids to the station to try their luck. Ah Zhen bumps into her idol Xiang Rong. 80年代,阿真、光辉、安雅和德平一起在甘榜长大,是标准的电视迷,经常玩拍戏的游戏。阿真的父亲小虎是演员替身,提起电视台在拍一部大制作,需要很多临时演员。小虎带着大家到电视台,让阿真等人有机会在大制作中担任临时演员,阿真还见到偶像湘蓉,从她言谈中受到启发。

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