The Lead

The Lead - EP19

45 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 15 Jun 2017 Audio: Chinese

The broadcasting station relocates to a new location in year 2016. Ah Zhen is a Director whereas Li Wei, Guanghui and Mei Na are joint-investors of a fine dining restaurant. Guanghui channels his focus on the business and neglects filming. De Ping tries to woo investors to support his movie but fails. Anya auditions for a film but ends up arguing with an Executive Producer because she was not willing to play the supporting role.2016年,电视台搬迁到新址,各人的际遇也起了变化。阿真当上导演;立威、光辉和美娜合资开了一间高级酒吧兼餐厅,光辉希望在商场大展拳脚,对演戏敷衍了事;德平积极找人投资拍电影,但处处碰壁;安雅到电视台试镜,却不愿演出配角,与监制闹得不愉快…

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