The Lead 第一主角

The Lead 第一主角 - EP30

45 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 31 Jul 2017 Audio: Chinese

Anya finally plucked up the courage, wore a face mask and went out. Her suspicious movements drew attention. She faints and videos featuring her current look went viral. Deping claims only Guanghui can talk her out of her misery. Will they be able to find him ? (大结局)安雅戴着口罩和帽子,鼓起勇气走出家门,由于行迹和打扮有些怪异,反而引起路人注意,最后她晕倒在路上,当街出丑的视频在网上疯传,令她更加不敢出门。阿真忧心不已,德平说只有一个人可以劝得动安雅,那就是光辉。他们是否能找到光辉?

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