The Legend of Miyue 芈月传

The Legend Of Miyue 芈月传 - EP30

43 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 12 Jan 2018 Audio: Chinese

Gongsun Yan decides to flee Qin on learning that his secret association with the Yi Qu people has been uncovered. But he is caught while attempting to escape. Grateful to Gongsun Yan for his past contributions to Qin, Emperor Qin gives orders for Gongsun Yan to be released. 公孙衍得悉,他与义渠人暗中来往的事已经败露,于是决定逃往魏国。不料公孙衍在出关时,却遭樗里子带领的卫兵拦截。这时,穆监突然带来秦王的口谕,命令卫兵放人,并赐公孙衍千金,为他送行。

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