The Legend of Miyue 芈月传

The Legend Of Miyue 芈月传 - EP31

43 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 13 Jan 2018 Audio: Chinese

Wei Yan begs for His Majesty's forgiveness for her involvement in the attempt to kill Empress Qin. Emperor Qin grants Wei Yan a pardon on condition that she must mend her ways. Unexpectedly Huang Xie discovers Miyue among the crowd in the Square Hall, but Zhang Yi prevents him from approaching her. 因为涉及参与谋害秦王后,魏琰自动向皇上跪地请罪。秦王命她回宫闭门思过,痛改前非,以观后效。黄歇随庸芮到四方馆听人辩论,不料却在那里看见芈月。黄歇高兴万分直向芈月奔去,无奈张仪将他死命栏住,致使他无法与芈月相认。

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