The Love 97.2 Breakfast Quartet S2 玉建煌崇电视版2

The Love 97.2 Breakfast Quartet S2 玉建煌崇电视版2 - EP13

46 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 15 Nov 2018 Audio: Chinese

Without our realisation, we have come to the last episode. Hosts are going to share some interesting stories happened in "Neighbourhood". How Chew Chor Meng faces his illness and the future of his family ? Vivian Lai is the guest to act alongside hosts in the last episode, lots of laughter in this segment ! If there is a third series of programs, what segments do the hosts want to have ingenuity ? 不知不觉就来到了尾声。最后一集,《谈笑风生》和大家谈"邻里"。主持人的邻居竟然在走廊……周初明如何看待自己的病情和家人的未来呢?《来,看戏咯!》由赖怡伶做压轴哦!如果有第三系列的节目,主持人希望有怎样别出心裁的内容呢?

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