The Love 97.2 Breakfast Quartet S2 玉建煌崇电视版2

The Love 97.2 Breakfast Quartet S2 玉建煌崇电视版2 - EP4

45 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 13 Sep 2018 Audio: Chinese

"My Favourite Thing" is the topic of this episode's opening talk. Liu Ling Ling continues her touching story. The hosts share about their funny experiences when using Private Hire Car service. Kate Pang and her adorable son Aden Chen act alongside with the hosts. Aden immediately melts everyone's heart with every of his move and smile. Be sure to catch his first ever acting performance on local TV screen ! 主持人谈各自的最爱,怎知Mark Gor爆料自己最爱的竟不是老婆?!彬哥所爱的却是……我们继续听刘玲玲真心剖白,你一定不想错过。《弹笑风生》这集谈“啃老族”,你是不是在被啃而不自知呢?!《来,看戏咯!》有靓妈庞蕾馨带着可爱的儿子Aden,第一次上综艺节目考验演技!小朋友纯真的表现溶化了大家的心。Aden脱序的演出,也让大人差点招架不住,结果就是笑料百出,娱乐效果十足!

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