The Unholy Alliance 同盟

The Unholy Alliance 同盟 - EP28

Finale 大结局
42 Min
Violence 暴力画面

By Channel U Published: 23 Aug 2019 Audio: Chinese

In this concluding episode, "Rainman returns to seek revenge. Ling Xi and Anthony turn against each other as they make their last attempt to take control of their company. To save their mother who has been kidnapped, Zijie and Kent accept a challenge for a final showdown with "Rainman". 在这大结局里,失踪已久的"Rainman",终于再度现身,为复仇而来。令熹与令家和趁令熊不在,争坐主席的位子而互相残杀。 子杰和千佑两兄弟,为了救出遭绑架的母亲,被逼接受挑战,与"Rainman"一决高下。

The Unholy Alliance 同盟
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