Till We Meet Again - The Prequel 千年来说对不起之前传

Till We Meet Again - The Prequel 千年来说对不起之前传 - EP7

15 Min
Some Violence 些许暴力画面;

By Toggle Video Published: 01 Nov 2018 Audio: Chinese

Caiyue’s constant pestering caused Wukong to be in a bad mood, which leads him on a rampage killing monsters endlessly. Wukong’s temper will flare when Caiyue’s name was mentioned. Tangseng reprimanded him, and wanted him to cultivate his heart. Bajie mentioned that Caiyue is risking her life looking for the Fruit of the Past and urged Wukong to save her. 悟空被采月不断痴缠,心烦气躁,疯狂杀妖;一听到师弟提及采月便无名火起;唐僧教训,要他修心。岂料,八戒跑回来,说采月去了找前尘果,九死一生,催悟空去救人。

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