Till We Meet Again - The Prequel 千年来说对不起之前传

Till We Meet Again - The Prequel 千年来说对不起之前传 - EP9

13 Min
Some Violence 些许暴力画面;

By Toggle Video Published: 08 Nov 2018 Audio: Chinese

Wukong ate the Fruit of the Past, but still wants to act as if he is not Xiao Shitou. However, the toxicity of the fruit exposed his desire to be with Caiyue. He carried Caiyue back to the Mountain of Flowers and Fruits, and was extremely touched by the fact that Caiyue took good care of the mountain even after five hundred years. He looks forward to marrying Caiyue, and making a family together. 悟空吃了前尘果,依然想装自己不是小石头。可是前尘果的毒性,已经激发出他内心的渴望,要跟采月厮守终身。他抱着采月飞回花果山,感动采月在这五百年中,种得满山都是桃树,他憧憬成亲,两人有更多子孙。

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