Together Apart

Together Apart - EP1

45 Mins

By Channel 5 Published: 26 Jan 2018 Audio: English

Film 1: Sanjay (Director: K Rajagopal Based on logline from Sean Loo) (21 minutes, 15 seconds) - Sanjay and his wife, Divya, have recently moved to Singapore from India. In the face of an impending cutback by his company management, Sanjay struggles to juggle work and adjusting to life in Singapore. Divya on the other hand learns to form new friendships with the Singaporean community around her. Film 2: The Manifest (Director: Sanif Olek Based on logline from Thomas Goh) (16 minutes, 23 seconds) - More than a hundred years into the future, two Singaporean space engineers are in a spaceship on a mission for the Singapore Space Agency. Kyle, who was born overseas, and Morgan are constantly bickering about the place of foreigners in Singapore. As tensions peak, how do the two of them resolve their differences ? Film 3: B.M.T. (Beijing, Mumbai, Tampines) (Director: Kelvin Tong Based on logline from Alvona Loh) (10 minutes, 45 seconds) - After a grueling day of training, a group of quarrelsome National Service recruits call their mothers from their phones. Despite their different origins, their conversations with home are poignantly similar. B.M.T. aims to show that despite surface tensions between ordinary Singaporeans and new citizens, they share the same humanity deep down.

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