Top 10 Singapore 十大新加坡

Top 10 Singapore 十大新加坡 - EP1

47 Min

By Channel U Published: 31 Jul 2018 Audio: Chinese

What do Singaporeans look for in a dream job ? Is it stability and good income ? Does being able to travel and see the world matter more ? Or contributing to the larger good is of greater importance ? This brand-new talk show showcases unique views of the Singaporean approach to career choices ! 很多人总是坐一山望另一山,羡慕别人有好工作。你最羡慕的工作又是什么?安稳实在重要?衣食无忧不可缺?还是环游世界天天精彩最爽?又或是具使命感更伟大?全新谈话性节目《10大新加坡》带你一窥国人选择职业背后的各种独特考量!

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