Top 10 Singapore 十大新加坡

Top 10 Singapore 十大新加坡 - EP7

46 Min

By Channel U Published: 11 Sep 2018 Audio: Chinese

Famed for their generous spending, Singaporeans are said to not even flinch when forking out thousands of dollars for clothes and ten times more for tour packages. But do you know what they are most willing to pay for ? Tune in to "Top 10 Singapore" and find out. You may get surprised with the facts ! 新加坡人花钱不手软,几千元买一件衣服,上万元买一个旅游配套的,大有人在!究竟新加坡人最舍得把钱花在什么地方?衣?食?住?行?还是…这集节目就带你去看新加坡人有多会花钱!

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