Toys Unplugged 玩具不插电

Toys Unplugged 玩具不插电 - EP2

23 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 10 Sep 2017 Audio: Chinese

In this episode, the hosts introduce a nostalgic game, Mikado. They visit a rock climbing centre which does not require professional rock climbing skills as well as learning the craft of picture book from a local illustrator. The hosts also teach viewers how to make toy parachutes with plastic bags.在本集节目,主持人介绍的怀旧游戏是挑竹签!他们也前往一间无需专业攀岩技巧,就能进行攀登运动的休闲场所!接着,他们还拜访绘本作家阿果,向他讨教绘本创作的技巧。最后,主持人也会利用塑料袋来制作玩具降落伞!

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