TravelSSBD Deluxe

TravelSSBD Deluxe - EP1

Tokyo - Once Sonigiri, Now Sonika!
8 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 03 Mar 2017 Audio: English

What made our #TravelSSBD host say “this is the last straw-“?! All “grown-up”! TravelSSBD Deluxe is here! 987 DJ Sonia revisits Tokyo where her SSBD adventures first began. #TokyoSSBD Watch as she’s WHISKed away to some back street for exquisite drink, and stands in line to eat some “clowns”?? Plus, she gets company from a certain spiny, prickly acquaintance?! #hedgefun Watch the episode now! #SSBD #Hilton Brought to you by: Hilton Clothes styled by: Zara

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