Tuesday Report: Good Man Good Deed S6 星期二特写:好人好事 6

Tuesday Report: Good Man Good Deed S6 星期二特写:好人好事 6 - EP1

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 09 Apr 2019 Audio: Chinese

Siem Reap is a popular travel destination in Cambodia, but counsellor Ada from Singapore is not there for holiday. When Ada made her trip to Siem Reap many years ago, she was saddened that lots of children were deprived of opportunities to study due to the poor school environment and inadequate facilities. She was determined to help them and thus founded Inspiring Stars. Despite the challenges encountered, the voluntary group makes charity trips every year to finance the schools and children, and also give donated clothes to the villagers. With her perseverance she has done this for more than a decade, and her trips have now even become her family and friends' bonding activity. What keeps her going all this time ? 柬埔寨的暹粒市是著名的观光城市,然而来自新加坡的辅导员黄金凤却不是为了观光而来。金凤十多年前到暹粒,发现当地的乡村学校贫困简陋,物质短缺,很多小孩没机会上学。她决心援助他们,成立了Inspiring Stars组织,每年与亲友组团到暹粒资助学生、捐赠旧衣物给村民,不知不觉就做了十年。她的善举成为家里的常年活动,让她坚持下去背后,隐藏着什么故事?

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