Tuesday Report: #myconnectionsg S2 星期二特写: 情牵新马 2

Tuesday Report: #myconnectionsg S2 星期二特写: 情牵新马 2 - EP3

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 11 Sep 2018 Audio: Chinese

Colin Teh was a Singaporean pilot who then decided to take over an ostrich farm in Pengerang. This led to his new challenges as he switched career at midlife and also had to be separated from his children in Singapore. Wilfred Lim is from Pengerang but lives and works in Singapore. When he was away, he witnessed the loss of fishing villages as the mega petrochemical project developed there. As a visual artist, he spent 6 years using his lens to capture the changes at hometown and also his own feeling. 新加坡人郑国仁从飞行员转行成为边佳兰一家鸵鸟园的园主。中年转行,挑战重重,与新加坡的三个孩子分隔两地,更是极大的考验。 林威义是一位在新加坡工作的边佳兰人,随着石化工业在边佳兰发展,他的家乡从原本的小渔村逐渐变了样。身为视觉艺术家,他花了六年的时间,用镜头捕捉了家乡的变化,同时也记录了自己的心路历程。

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