Tuesday Report : Streets of Memory S2 星期二特写:浮生街影 2

Tuesday Report : Streets of Memory S2 星期二特写:浮生街影 2 - EP1

Keong Saik Road 恭锡街
23 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 14 Nov 2017 Audio: Chinese

Located in Chinatown , Keong Saik road is adjacent to Kreta Ayer road , it has only 62 shophouses . In the early 20th century , amongst the few women who sailed from China to Nanyang to make a living , some worked as domestic helpers , also more commonly known as “majie”; some worked in the construction site as the “samsui” women and some others were sold to become pipa girls . Hence , there were many pipa houses in Keong Saik Road . After the 50s and 60s , the pipa houses gradually disappeared and replaced by many brothels . Over time , Keong Saik Road was widely known as a red - light district . Former Pipa girl Yue Xiao Yan who was interviewed by the Tuesday Report team in 1992 , had maintained contact with the team over the past 25 years . Yue shared her story as a pipa girl and her encounters during the Japanese occupation . She passed away at the age of 96 years - old shortly before the screening of this documentary . Also , changes of Keong Saik Road would be told by the descendant of the brothel operator , and narrated by Charmaine Leung , who grew up in Chinatown . 位于牛车水的恭锡街,整条街不长,只有62个店屋。二十世纪初期,自中国远渡重洋来到南洋谋生的少数女性中,有的替人帮佣做妈姐,有的到建筑工地当红头巾,另一些则卖身到恭锡街当琵琶仔。因此,琵琶馆应运而生,1960年代以后,琵琶仔行业渐渐消失,取而代之的是林立的娼寮,恭锡街也以红灯区广为人知。 当过琵琶仔的月小燕叙述她早年入行的情景、沦陷时期煎熬的日子。 特写摄制队25年前专访了月小燕,一直与她保持联系。经历了烽火的动荡时代,也见证了早期牛车水繁华风貌的月小燕,在今年10月11日去世,享年96岁。 纪录片也访问恭锡街娼寮经营者的后代,刻画出恭锡街的蜕变。在牛车水长大的写作人梁凤霞,忆述她的成长岁月。

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