Tuesday Report : Streets of Memory S2 星期二特写:浮生街影 2

Tuesday Report : Streets of Memory S2 星期二特写:浮生街影 2 - EP4

Changi Part 2 樟宜 (下篇)
22 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 05 Dec 2017 Audio: Chinese

During World War II , the Japanese army constructed two runways in Changi . When the British returned after the war , they had made improvements to the runways . One of which is still being used by the Changi international Airport . The British were stationed in Changi for over 40 years , leaving behind many historic bungalows and buildings . The Old Changi Hospital is one of them but it has been vacant for 20 years . What are the untold stories behind this hospital which attracts countless rumors ? How did the lifestyle of the people change after the British troops withdrew from Singapore in 1971 ? 二战时期日军在樟宜铺设的跑道,经过英国皇家空军改良后,后来成为樟宜国际机场第一跑道的北端部分。英军驻留樟宜长达40年,留下许多黑白洋房和建筑,其中旧樟宜医院已空置20年,这间传闻不断的的医院有什么不为人知的故事?英军1971年全面撤出新加坡后,对樟宜人的生计造成多大冲击?

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