Tuesday Report: What Makes A Boss 星期二特写:我家老板

Tuesday Report: What Makes A Boss 星期二特写:我家老板 - EP3

Galmon + Sia Huat
22 Mins

By Toggle Video Published: 07 Feb 2017 Audio: Chinese

Thirty four years ago, Mr. Desmond Ong and his wife Molly Chan brought in Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) from the United States. It not only brought convenience for work - at - height activities like maintenance, cleaning and painting but also opened up new career opportunities for themselves. Galmon has grown over the years from four workers to currently over 200 employees. How do the bosses create a sense of rapport in their working relationship ? Beginning as an old traditional provision shop in Chinatown, Sia Huat has expanded its business operation to become a new concept shop. ToTT offers a wide selection of kitchenware, and even runs cooking classes as well as its own bistro. How does this new shop attract well - qualified individuals to join their company ? As founder of the family business, why is Mr. Tan willing to give outsiders an opportunity to advance in the company ? 一对夫妻档34年前从美国引进流动高空作业平台,进行维修、清洗、粉刷工程,为自己开创了事业的契机,把高盟公司从4个人发展到200多位员工的规模。王勇诚和陈月梅两口子,怎样施展亲和力留住员工? 一家从牛车水发迹的厨具老店声发,在老板陈俊文带领下,不断求新求变,开创出时尚新颖的新店多特。新店怎样吸引大学专才加入?作为家族企业,老板除了提拔自家人,为什么也愿意给外人机会?

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