Tuesday Report: Where We Connect S5 星期二特写: 生活气场 5

Tuesday Report: Where We Connect S5 星期二特写: 生活气场 5 - EP1

Old Airport Road
23 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 10 Jul 2018 Audio: Chinese

Old Airport Road Food Centre has always been popular with many Singaporeans, because of its wide variety of food choices. The food centre, with a history of 45 years, has many stall owners who used to be street hawkers in the 1970s, until this building was built to accommodate them. Their lives revolved around this area for a few decades, handing down their legacies through many generations; whilst there are also many new hawkers who gave up on their original trades to set their foot in this place. And why is there such a world of difference between the upper and lower level of this popular food centre ? 在不少新加坡人心目中,旧机场路饮食与购物中心是排名第一的美食中心,具有各类美味佳肴。早年的流动小贩搬进这里后,一代传一代,如何守护老档口和老味道。一些新进的小贩放弃哪些职业,来此寻找立足点?拥有45年历史的两层楼中心,为什么楼下热闹、楼上门可罗雀?

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