Tuesday Report: Where We Connect S5 星期二特写: 生活气场 5

Tuesday Report: Where We Connect S5 星期二特写: 生活气场 5 - EP5

Zion Riverside Food Centre
22 Mins

By Channel 8 Published: 07 Aug 2018 Audio: Chinese

Situated beside Singapore River, Zion Riverside Food Centre has witnessed many changes in the vicinity over the years. Built in the 1970s, it is within walking distance from the bustling Great World Amusement Park, yet business had been poor. In spite of these difficulties, several hawkers persevered and forged many bittersweet memories and experiences with their families. Hawkers who joined in later did not have it easy as well. Just like Singapore River, their beliefs, determination and courage to embrace change and innovation ensured their survival to this day.坐落在新加坡河边的锡安河畔美食中心,见证了周围的变迁。1970年代启用时,大世界游艺场就在不远处,为何河畔美食中心生意却惨淡如死水?尽管如此,刻苦的小贩如何坚守到底,与家人在此度过大半生、经历悲欢离合?而半路出家的小贩,又是凭什么信念,炒出自成一家的好味道?

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