Tunnel 隧道 (Dual Sound)

Tunnel 隧道 (Dual Sound) - EP19

44 Min
Disturbing Scenes 内容或令人不安

By Channel U Published: 10 Jul 2019 Audio: Chinese;Korean

When Pu Guanghao confronted Mu Zhenyu about his crime, the latter runs ran into the tunnel. Unbelievably, Guanghao travelled back in time to 2016 after chasing Zhenyu into the tunnel. Jin Shanzai is distraught to learn that Zhenyu, whom he trusted, has killed his mother. 在追捕穆振宇进入隧道时,朴光浩难以置信地穿梭回到2016时空。对穆振宇非常信任的金善载却没料到他竟然杀死自己的母亲,大感失望。

Tunnel 隧道 (Dual Sound)
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